• What is Pain Reprocessing Therapy?
    Pain Reprocessing Therapy is a research-backed method of treating chronic pain, specifically neuroplastic pain (read my post on neuroplastic pain to learn more). Because neuroplastic pain is caused by a misinterpretation of the brain, it is treated by rewiring the neural circuits of the brain.  This process is not a quick fix or a miracle READ MORE
  • What is TMS, Neuroplastic Pain, or Mindbody Syndrome
    TMS, Neuroplastic Pain, and Mindbody Syndrome are essentially different names for the same thing. TMS is the term created by John E. Sarno while the other terms have been commonly used by other practitioners. To understand neuroplastic pain, it is important to first understand what general pain is. Types of Pain Pain, put simply, is READ MORE
  • My Healing Journey
    Hear about my journey to recovery from neuroplastic pain (or TMS) with Pain Reprocessing Therapy